Denman Island Makes Sustainable Travel Easy

Denman Island Makes Sustainable Travel Easy

Denman Island Makes Sustainable Travel Easy

Looking for travel that’s not just fun but also sustainable and meaningful? You are not alone. 

Nine in 10 travellers look for sustainable options, according to a 2022 study. However, many—70%, according to the study—feel overwhelmed by the challenge of becoming a more sustainable traveler. 

Step into sustainability

Denman Island makes that process easy. The island has no fancy resorts, no shopping malls, no destination spas, no hotel chains—in fact, no hotels or resorts at all. 

Instead, it offers small-scale accommodation on residential properties, farms, and wineries, and a cozy guest house. These options might feature solar power, rainwater catchment, and other eco-friendly elements. 

Embrace local culture

On Denman, you’ll enjoy island life alongside locals at family-owned businesses, local eateries, and a Craft Shop run by a women’s co-operative. 

Visit cultural, sports, and education events organized by locals—jazz concerts, art exhibits, outdoor music shows, and dances in the Community Hall.  Attend annual highlights such as the home and garden tour, pottery and art studios tours, Baroque festival, and the much-loved literary festival. 

Natural escapes

You’ll find plenty of beaches, parks, lakes, and wetlands inviting you to hike, swim, cycle, birdwatch, paddle, or picnic. With one-third of the island dedicated to parks and conservation lands, green space is abundant. 

Eco-friendly food and transport

Stock up on local produce at Denman’s farmers market and farm stands. Leave your car parked and hop on the free local bus, known to locals as the Scuttlebus, that circles the island, stopping on request. 

Defining sustainable travel

The study, which interviewed 11,000 travellers in 11 countries, defined ‘sustainable travel’ through behaviours such as:

  • Buying from local stores and restaurants
  • Visiting local cultural and historical sites
  • Using more environmentally friendly transportation
  • Buying from local cultures and communities
  • Travelling to smaller, lesser-known destinations
  • Choosing lodging that’s actively lessening its environmental impact
  • Paying more for sustainable options
  • Using providers who declare commitment to sustainable practices
  • Volunteering time to local community organizations at the destination

Sounds like everyday life on Denman, for both residents and visitors!

Preserving the island’s charms

Declaring a destination “sustainable” and thus desirable can put that sustainability at risk. Luckily, Denman Island has a history of managing its travel sector wisely. As a result, many visitors return year after year, getting to know the local culture, people, and flora and fauna. 

On Denman, everyone benefits from a visitor experience that is low in environmental impact and high in authenticity and connection.