Community Groups On Denman Island

The year-round population of approximately 1,100 supports dozens of volunteer community groups dedicated to ensuring Denman Island remains a lively, beautiful and sustainable community.

Concerts Denman


Open Year Round - 1016 NW Rd

Concerts Denman presents a series of classical and non-classical performances.

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Community Groups

Denman Island Audio Arts Collective


Open Stage every 3rd Thursday of every month.

Open Seasonally

Dora Drinkwater Community Library

Volunteer-run library in the Denman Island Community Hall.

Open Year Round

Emergency Support Services


Provides services when forced from home by fire, flood, earth quakes for 72 hours.

Open Seasonally

Denman Island Community Dock

Beaches & Parks / Boating & Paddling


The Denman Island Community dock is a public wharf and moorage provided by  the Denman Island Residents Association (DIRA). The Dock is located down…

Open Year Round