Community Groups On Denman Island

The year-round population of approximately 1,100 supports dozens of volunteer community groups dedicated to ensuring Denman Island remains a lively, beautiful and sustainable community.

Concerts Denman


Open Year Round - 1016 NW Rd

Concerts Denman presents a series of classical and non-classical performances.

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Community Groups

Arts Denman


Presents cultural events throughout the year and supports Denman Island arts community. See website for committees the list.

Open Seasonally

Assoc. of Denman Island Marine Stewards (ADIMS)


Provides Denman Island residents with a strong voice in protecting the marine environment.

Open Seasonally

Denman Island Audio Arts Collective


Open Stage every 3rd Thursday of every month.

Open Seasonally

Blackberry Lane Pre-School


Providing child-care services.

Open Seasonally

Denman Community Land Trust Association (DCLTA)


Obtains and holds land in perpetuity for the creation of affordable housing.

Open Seasonally

Denman Housing Association (DHA)


Creates affordable housing for families and individuals, as well as convenient housing for seniors.

Open Seasonally

CoHo Landing Land Cooperative


CoHo Landing is a 15-household intentional community on Denman Island.

Open Seasonally

Denman Island Community Education Society (DICES)


Provides a variety of educational, support, and recreational services to children, youth, families, and adults in the community.

Open Seasonally

Denman Island Memorial Society (DIMS)


Manages the first modern cemetery in Canada exclusively dedicated to natural burial.

Open Year Round

Denman Island Recreation Commission Society (DIRCS)


Vibrant old fashioned Community Hall.  Available for wedding, birthdays, memorials you name it!  

Open Year Round

Denman Island Residents Association (DIRA)


Manages variety of committees including park, dock, waste management and wildlife advisory.

Open Seasonally

Denman Island Vegan Potluck Series

Advances veganism as a social justice movement, 100% plant-based community dinners, films, speakers, and on-line resources.

Open Seasonally

Denman Island Veganiculture Association (DIVA)

Builds public awareness about the merits of stock-free gardening and farming.

Open Seasonally

Denman Island Volunteer Fire Department (DIVFD)


Provides fire protection services and public education, issues burn permits. Call 911 for emergencies.

Open Seasonally

Denman WORKS! Economic Enhancement Society


Improves the socio-economic health of Denman Island and operates a Resource Centre.

Open Year Round

Dora Drinkwater Community Library

Volunteer-run library in the Denman Island Community Hall.

Open Year Round

Emergency Support Services


Provides services when forced from home by fire, flood, earth quakes for 72 hours.

Open Seasonally

Ferry Advisory Committee


A community committee representing Denman Island’s issues to BC Ferries.

Open Seasonally

Garden Club


The most fun club on Denman Island meets every third Wednesday at 1:30pm in the United Church Hall, Denman Road. May’s meeting is being held at…

Open Seasonally

Hornby and Denman Community Health Care Society


Home support and home assist, medical equipment loans, hospice care, and child, youth and family services.

Open Year Round

Denman Growers and Producers Alliance


Develops, promotes and supports island growers and producers.

Open Seasonally

Quilters Guild


Meets at the United Church Hall on Denman Road. Call or email for next meeting date.

Open Seasonally

Trails Committee


Plans, builds, and maintains trails on Denman Island for non-motorized recreational use by the general public.

Open Seasonally

Denman Island Community Dock

Beaches & Parks / Boating & Paddling


The Denman Island Community dock is a public wharf and moorage provided by  the Denman Island Residents Association (DIRA). The Dock is located down…

Open Year Round

Denman Conservancy Association (DCA)


Preserves unique, environmentally sensitive and historically important parcels of land on Denman Island. Fundraising includes producing the popular…

Open Seasonally