2024 Denman Island Home & Garden Tour

Jun 15 9:20am - Jun 16 4:00pm

$25 denmanconservancy.org/tour or at regional vendors: Garden Works (Courtenay), Denman Hardware (Denman Island), Hornby Gas Bar (Hornby Island), KenDoor (Qualicum), Cultivate (Parksville), Weinberg’s (Buckley Bay), Blue Heron Books (Comox).
Child Friendly
Twelve private gardens - SEE Tour Map

2024 Denman Island Home & Garden Tour


PURCHASE TICKETS and see further details on our interactive
map at: denmanconservancy.org/tour

Step into a world of natural beauty and architectural wonders at the Denman Island Home &
Garden Tour, a cherished tradition since 1992. Designed to support the Denman Conservancy
Association, this biennial event promises an extraordinary journey through 12 unique homes and
gardens, each telling a story of conservation and creativity. From beachfront cottages to lush
hobby farms, each property offers a unique glimpse into the Island's natural beauty and creative

Among the notable landmarks is the legendary botanical haven of Sandy and Des Kennedy,
revered in numerous television broadcasts, literary works, and periodicals. This famed sanctuary
stands as a testament to the back-to-the-land ethos, which attracted urban exiles to the shores of
Denman Island in the 1970s. Also commemorated in print is “Mossy Hollow” the home of Bee
Balm, featured in Lloyd Kahn’s ground-breaking exploration of our imaginative architectural heritage, Builders of the Pacific Coast.

Take leisurely strolls through cascading gardens, serene ponds, and wooded ravines,
encountering rustic abodes nestled amidst ferns and forests, as well as modern dwellings
showcasing self-sustainability with solar panels, water conservation systems, and beachfront
decks. Experience hobby farms that champion sustainability and craftsmanship, complete with
orkshops, historic barns, ponds, and solar energy solutions.

Become enchanted by the beauty and creativity of log homes adorned with stained glass, local
artwork, orchards, gardens, saunas, and lychgates. Lose yourself in the charm of renovated
cottages boasting tranquil geodesic domes, gardens brimming with herbs and fruit trees, and
modern kitchens overlooking backyard havens with hot tubs.

Cyclists: organizers would like to see cyclists take over the Island during this event, so as an
incentive, there will be a free draw for those riding on the tour, to win a basket of prizes.
In thepast, we’ve had over 100 cyclists. To enter the cyclists’ draw, simply enter your name at the Arts
Centre in downtown Denman Island.

Dom’t let t let this opportunity slip away! Secure your tickets today and embark on a journey
celebrating the splendor, innovation, and unique island spirit of Denman Island. Whether you are a
local resident or a curious visitor, we look forward to welcoming you to the 2024 Denman Island
Home and Garden Tour!

The Tour runs June 15 th and 16 th , 9am to 4pm. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased on-line or at
various venues: Garden Works (Courtenay), Denman Hardware (Denman Island), Hornby Gas
Bar (Hornby Island), KenDoor (Qualicum), Cultivate (Parksville), Weinberg’s (Buckley Bay),
Blue Heron Books (Comox)